Monday, October 29, 2007

Exciting Progress On Site

One of the landmark days on site - the joiners arrived at 7.50am, the first lorry and trailer load of timber frame a few minutes later. The first photo was taken around 9am as the timber was being moved to the house; the joiners spent much of the morning undertaking check measurements etc (apparently it was all within 5mm so that was good!) and moving the timber to the right place.

We had some wild Autumn weather at the weekend so it was a chilly post-frontal breeze as well as getting muddier around the site.

Around lunchtime the first wall was put in place on the wall plate - this being the northwest corner of the house where the guest bedroom is situated. As I was chatting on the phone the rest of that end of the house was put it in place - the wonder and speed of timber frame construction. This second photo was taken around 3.30pm and the house is really taking shape. This view is from the northeast looking at the kitchen on the left, the front door location in the centre of this elevation and then the ground floor bathroom at the right.

Final photo is the view from the window of the guest bedroom. You can see the rain coming over the hills!


Tamzin said...

Really excited for you, everything is moving so quickly now. Can't wait to see the view from the guest room for real! Well done

Jane said...

Wow - from muddy field to a room with a view. -

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb & Steve - we finally sat down and got caught up on all your blog entries! Very exciting, and amazing how quick it is coming together. We can't wait to come over for a look at it all in person!
KC & Eric