Friday, February 22, 2008


I must admit to being a little tardy with my blogs of late, not least down to the fact that our cosy holiday let has no broadband so onlin leasure time is restricted. But, after a solid week in the office I'm ready to knock off early for the wekend so here's a pictorial tour...!

Kitchen area; dining to take place where larch cladding and frames currently being machined (covered in plastic)

Entrance hall on entering front door and looking up; stairs to be against wall on left (to replace ladder!!!). Next photo shows view into utility room from kitchen - heat pump on right hand side with electrics/TV/SAT/DAB/Cat5e wiring all terminating on board on end wall (must work out what magic boxes to buy to distribute signals!)

Room with a view - our bedroom to be precise, and this is the ever changing picture that we will wake up to... Next photo is the hallway looking down.

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