Thursday, May 7, 2009

A different sort of egg-watch

Generally the British are fairly weather fixated - usually, as people say, because we get so much of it. Chez nous we've always been obsessed, partly because we work in the wind industry, partly because we use the sun to heat and power this house and least importantly 'cos I've always fancied being a meterologist. Anyway right here right now its only 4degC, sleeting and with winds over 40mph....and its May for goodness sake!
The piccies are of the oystercatcher which has laid 3 eggs on the stones just outside the preschool nursery in the village. Its causing a bit of mayhem as the eggs are just next to the front door so people are having to use an alternative entrance. Its a great learning experience for the children who report on progress and get a chance to see 'nature in action'. Even amongst the slate the eggs are nicely camouflaged. I believe the eggs will hatch in about 3 more weeks so shall post any progress.


caireen said...

I LOVE Oystercatchers! how wonderful to see their chicks when they hatch! I notice you have lapwings nesting in the fields below you too - the other day we saw a massive hare and some guinea fowl wandering around too! I have tagged you on my blog, feel free to partake if you will!! Thanks for the best wishes. Cx

Debs said...

Thanks Caireen, I'll take a look at the tag as I've never done one before!
The guinea fowl are from a house near us but they seem to have been wandering from home base a lot more of late. I also love seeing the hares, there are plenty around at present.