Friday, July 24, 2009

Holiday Postcard

The freedom of holidays....lots of larking about and some time together here on the long long sands at Holkham with all those fabulous colourful beach huts

watching the waves crashing on the shore at Salthouse

flying kites on the beach of millions of smooth peebles

the weather wasn't always good, you can just about see the driving rain on the following pic taken just south of Southwold, lots of glorious boats and huts on the quayside, a real hive of activity. We'd just spent an hour on the beach but the storm was threatening with spectacularly high and very dark clouds overwhelming the area inshore

elsewhere we cycled on a few trails, spotting lots of butterflys, bees, birds and a few other creatures; unfortunately Steve had a valve blow out so had to walk the final stage of one trip

but just around the corner we were lucky enough to spot this slow worm moving across the path

our lovely trip to North Norfolk is now over, its a very fine part of the country to visit
top food places - The Pigs, Edgefield (particularly fab for carnivores) and Pulse, Norwich (top veggie food)
great campsite - Kelling Heath, nr Holt
fave beaches - Holkham for sand, Salthouse for wind, waves and slightly more wild appeal
best bit of all was also getting to spend some time with our friends in Garvestone - best accomm and food of course, thank you t,j,i,m


Tamzin said...

Ahhhhhhhh, lovely lovely photos and a name check!! You are so very welcome, anytime! XX Love that pic of you Debs, great one. Tiny point to note: Holkham (thas norfuk, not Devon!) T x

Debs said...

Aah yes, I sort of knew it wasn't right..but it was late. Anyway just changed it so soz ye folks from the flatlands.

Bella Bheag said...

Love the beach huts, though I've never been in or close to one. Heard on the radio that these can sell for 6 figures - depending upon where your are in the country.

Debs said...

what I've since found out is that you can hire some of these beach huts through the nearby caravan park - I really fancy doing that someday

Calico Kate said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Would love to go there a) to visit a very dear on-line friend and b) to go 'on the broads', just coz.
Not sure it'll happen but it joins the long list on places in 'my' country that I want to visit before I go somewhere else.
Loved the picture of the beach huts, really pretty.