Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Early Autumn?

The weather is too grim for words.
It has been overwhelmingly wet in this part of the world for the past 3 weeks. The fields are saturated with rivers and ponding where you don't usually seem them; Loch Lomond has reached winter water levels with the disappearance of beaches, shoreline and jetties; gardening activity has ceased except for picking veg for eating.

The horses could do with wellies.

However amid the gloom I've been preserving the summer as best I can with lots of jam and jelly making and my first attempt at lemon curd. I made this just before the village show; very fresh very free range eggs went into the mix alongwith the butter, sugar and lemons and I was a bit surprised just to get two jars in the end but it tasted divine...and got a third prize at the village show, hurray! We also won prizes for our spuds, shallots and plum jelly. There was a little tension in the house as 'my' potatoes beat 'his' potatoes but there's nothing like a bit of competition~#!?


Calico Kate said...

Well done - that lemon curd looks amazing. I went off it for a long time so had obviously had a bad experience, however when some homemade was served up to me on fresh scones I rediscovered that it really is delicious again. Oh my poor waistline!

Calico Kate said...

PS - Congrats on your prizes, it's a great feeling isn't it.

Debs said...

Yes Lemon Curd is v v bad for the waistline, but it tastes delish and theres only 2 jars total! We've got friends coming round on Sunday for coffee n cake so I'll make a big batch of scones to go with some of these preserves. Its nice to share these things.
Nice to hear from you.
D x

LittleBrownDog said...

That curd is a gorgeous colour. Should have come first in my opinion.

Debs said...

very kind, did you see masterchef this week? - they had to make lemon curd in the skills test, I could feel the tension!