Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Village Flower Show

Friday evening and Saturday morning were a flurry of village show preparation activity. We're pretty last minute and certainly in the rush I suspected that I'd forgotton to put baking powder into the banana loaf , sure enough when the judges sliced the loaf in half it was obviously veeerrryyy dense. So no prizes there then! Although it has all been eaten, tasted great and was very popular at home. Thanks KC for your comment on the last post. I happily managed to get a third prize for the Victoria Sponge. Most of all I was excited to get the first prize for my 'basket of plenty' as shown above. 18 months ago we didn't even have anywhere to grow veg and, currently, we're close to self-sufficient in veggies.


caireen said...

that basket of veg looks fantastic!! (and what a relief from that frosty old cauliflower I've been looking at for nearly a year :)) Great to see you back in blogland. We walked past the show, but felt a bit daunted to go in! xx

Bella Bheag said...

Hello - came to you via Caireen when checking out her blog. Your veg basket is v impressive - and all your own work - superb! BB

Debs said...

Hi Bella, and thanks for your comments.