Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Last Saturday night the first, and unusually early, snow arrived. Its truly beautiful and very very deep. As its immensely cold theres not much likelihood of the snow disappearing very soon. Bit tricky to get out and about.
Snow clinging to the branches of a corkscrew hazel, quite earie and its quite amazing that such a depth of snow can cling to skinny twigs.

The pitch of the house roof is a relatively steep 45degrees so, although the snow sits there initially, when the weight gets too much the whole lot slides in great avalanches with a humungous roar and tumbles onto the footpath. At some point on Sunday night after more heavy snow fell we were awoken by the biggest racket when a huge amount of snow came off the roof. Its exciting when you're safe and warm inside.

As school was closed a gang of us met in the local park. Great fun but pretty darn cold. There is a bit of tricky balance, its great having a bit of time off, walks out and fun in the snow, staying close to home and exploring the changed landscape...but catching up with work here and there is not ideal after day four of no school.

The beauty of Ben Lomond enhanced by the snowy scene. A complete blanket of white. The sound is also dulled and its enormously peaceful.
I'ld also just like to link here to Caireen's post at patchwork dress for some more local photos.


Tamzin said...

It does look very beautiful, sorry about the school closure, I blame the wimpy teachers! T x

Debs said...

Hi T, I've just broken the news to the children they are back in for Friday and, you know, they were quite pleased! Dx

Bella Bheag said...

Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog Debs. On looking at yours it is amazing to see the difference 5-or-so weeks can make in the world of weather. Such a contrast between colours and images. Me - I'll take autumn every time. Snow - pretty to look at initially and then very boring and tedious to live through. Hope you make it to Killearn - will send you a flyer to give you a flavour of who will be attending. Weather permitting of course!!

Bella Bheag said...

Just realised I don't have your email address Debs so have put a list of those attending Killearn at the bottom of my blog, if you are interested. Please say 'Hi' if you make it. BB