Sunday, May 22, 2011

M74 Bike Ride

Today we joined the M74 Bike n hike ride along the new link road joining the M74 to the south side of the Kingston Bridge section of the M8. The contractors opened up a stretch of the new road to cyclists, runners, wheelchair users and families with kids on scooters, in buggies and in trailers to raise funds for a combination of 8 charities. Good PR on their part, nice bit of fundraising and good fun for us.

It was amusing to cycle under the blue road signs on the overhead gantry indicating Carlisle, the children wanted to know if we were cycling to the Lake District today? The route was only 14km long but we enjoyed the blast along the tarmac despite the wind making the return leg harder work for the children.
The new link road will open in late June, it will be interesting to see if it eases traffic congestion in central Glasgow and make the through route to Loch Lomond any quicker.

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Bella Bheag said...

I read about this event. Wasn't this stretch of motorway lauded for being completed on time and on budget?