Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brickbats and Bouquets

Life is immensely busy so when we get great service from someone it is terrific and of course when we have to spend lots of time chasing people or doing someone else's job its a real pain. One of our future projects is the development of two holiday lets (more another time on those) so we're building up bank of people and places we'd like to use again. This list isn't exclusive, maybe at the end of the project we'll compose a list of the best products, people and places.

On my list for bouquets are the builder and every tradesman who has worked on our site (no kidding, I know its unusual); Sainsbury's online for kitchen appliances (subject to delivery of course); Ecoliving for the ground source heat pump which is working tremendously well.

Currently on the blacklist are B&Q's delivery service; the products are good and well priced they just don't do delivery within or close to their estimates and are a nightmare to chase.

Not for blacklisting but 'could do better' - the timber frame manufacturer is not high on the favourites list but the builder has had the burden of chasing them and the joiners have had the problem of insufficient supplies. The Architect has been on site only three times since Christmas so there's a bit of a gap on the project management which we and the builder have filled. That's fine 'cos we have filled the gap but isn't the service signed up for.

And the weather has been pants since Christmas too!

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