Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Internal and External Finishes

We have had snow in the early part of this week but this isn't it! Here we're got the roughcasters flinging the wet dash render onto the east elevation. You can see where they completed one area at the end of last week as the mix dries whiter than when it is applied (thankfully otherwise we'd have a magnolia house!). Its a very messy task.

The larch cladding on the SW corner - this is really looking fabulous and we're very pleased with the choice of timber, its profile and the joiner's work. The timber frame company haven't been doing such a good job on the timely supply of the correct quantities of materials but this appears to being resolved after many calls from our builder. The timber itself has come from Russwood who are based in North Perthshire.

Not a great photo because of the light bounce but this is the toile negro tile which we choose for the ground floor bathroom. It looks terrific in place, especially in the shower with a single spot shining down.

one ensuite shower area

paint colour Winter Teal 5 for Finlay's room.......Dulux have done a fine job with that colour matching and shading/colour depth system as its a terrific marketing tool in providing the customer with thousands of all our paint colours are coming from them and the marketing tool has worked!

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