Monday, June 16, 2008

Building Control Certificate

Last Wednesday the joiner returned to fit this to the large upper floor window and on Thursday building control visited and all completion certificate and paperwork were handed over. Another key landmark in the creation of the house. The window illustrated is a fixed light 1.8m x 1.8m and affords a stunning view. We were so disappointed to be advised that this would need an internal barrier in place to comply with building regs. If we had known then perhaps a different design or different specification might have been created in the first place. Looks like a play pen.

BT have failed to meet four appointments to connect the phone. OK they pay compensation of £10 each time but we'd really rather have a phone line. So hopefully order number 5 will work...........

The wonders of nature never cease to soothe, we have an abundance of brown hares who are particularly visible in the early morning


Anonymous said...

It may be a bit late, but how about changing the window barrier for sheet of toughened float glass - similar to glass staircase balustrading?

I enjoy reading the blog, incidentally!

Debs said...

Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoy the blog. I like the idea of the toughened glass and we can certainly investigate that in the future. The other comment which has been made to me offline is just to take the thing down - I know theres one building control officer reading this so perhaps they might comment on that!

bco said...

aye, well, a lot of people do take them down, and the unlucky ones will be storing the problem up for later.
the performance standard is basically that no one falls out, as has happened fairly regularly on older buildings. you don't hear of people falling thorugh glass and out much because building standards people a fairly good at enforcing. i think i said before, we tend to direct people to using the glass and fixings as a barrier, and often the window supplier wil confirm this, with large panes they should have engineers involved anyway. toughened glass is designed to break safely, not not break in the first place, and using the word toughened is often wrong for a barrier (as some toughened glass will meet loadings) laminated glass also breaks safe but is designed to retain its strength and shape. then there are the fixings....anyone seen a perspex bus shelter having been kicked in?
great blog, great house, well done.
would you do it again?