Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fine days

Last week our good buddies from Norfolk came for a holiday. As always it was lovely to catch up with them and it was also fun to have the house busy with the noise, mess and activities of two families. This marks one of those transitions between this place being a home rather than a house. Other self-builders have commented on the time it takes to settle in after designing, planning and constructing a house. Tamzin and her family bought us a beautiful handcrafted box for collecting apples from the orchard in years to come and some herbs for the garden. The herbs are being planted in the beds we've created between the top of the stone wall and the hen enclosure until we have formed our raised beds. The trailer in the picture above is full of plants ready to be put into the bed.

We officially had one rainy day in May.


Hen said...

Thanks for popping over - I will carefully read what you have written - and try and learn more - it feels like we are on a massive learning curve!

Hope the hen gets better - we have 6 hens and a rooster, sadly the pretty bantam chicks born on Easter Sunday have turned out to be roosters - shame!

Hen said...

Looking forward to going through this and seeing your logic and practical experiences. Looks very interesting and thought provoking so far. I intend to put some more of the technical arguments behind our choices of systems on our blog.

Hen's pecked hubby.