Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wooly Guests

We're providing a temporary home to a neighbour's Texel ewes to escape the worst of the winter before/while lambing; its very exciting having them here - the children are expecting lambs to appear daily, all being well the first should arrive in a few weeks. The texel breed is well regarded and originates from Texel island off the north coast of the Netherlands. They have very strong features and quite large faces, they look tough. Its great having them here - all the fun of watching them with none of the responsibility of looking after them!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dinks,
Just having a browse on your blog as Ceri wants to write one. We thought the children were still really small- but theyv'e grown lots!! We must come and visit soon. Nia
hi, it's Ceri, ur house looks really nice, how old are molly and Finly? I remember the explosion at bonfire night! lol!

(e-mail us soon xxx)

Debs said...

Bonjour mes amies. Hope you're having a fine winter in Toulouse.

Ceri - let me know when you start blogging, it'll be lovely to see your pictures and hear your news.

D x