Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eureka - the snow arrived

We finally got some snow this week and although it has melted a little after a couple of days there is still enough to play in.

The view at 7.30am this morning - epic! Pink mountains and crisp white show. Chilly outside at -7degC.

The trees looked fabulous on the first morning after the snow fell. School was still on but we had to walk rather than travel by bus or car. It was a real pleasure given the beautiful scenery.

The crunchy snow gives very clear evidence of animal activity - mainly rabbits plus a visit from foxy loxy.

We dusted off our snowboards and we're now thinking of piling more snow on this slope to create a better run!

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KC said...

Hello Mackens - I finally checked back in on the blog and am thrilled to see the updates on life at ECF. It all looks and sounds fab! Exciting to see the big dream come to fruition so successfully.
Love the snowboards........ hee hee
Hope all are well - we are off to Peru in March for a couple of weeks, we'll send a postcard!
Take care - KC & Eric