Monday, January 7, 2008

Blogging......and a revised completion date.

We are pleased we have set up the blog as it is probably the only way we'd keep any sort of record of the build and its been good fun for us to note our achievement as well as to keep family and friends up to speed. My friend Jane's blog was the first enounter I had with blogging and I still love reading her chat surrounding life in her organic flower business (take a look at ). Our blog started at the same time as the build on site although we had owned the farm for a year by then and had first viewed it 6 months prior to then. Since owning the farm we obtained planning consent for the new house and spent many hours working with the Architect on the design detail. So much work takes place before a single physical thing happens on site. The devil is in the detail. It is a year since we had the main dairy demolished having obtained a SEPA licence ourselves to dispose of the asbestos roof. One of our salvage exercises from the dairy resulted in 35 stone sinks some of which are being and will be commissioned as planters. The demolition of the main farmhouse took place in April 06.

At Christmas we loved hearing from those of you we know who look regularly at the blog, it was exciting to get a bit of feedback so we just want to say please feel free to write your comments online. Its nice knowing you're out there!

Site is back to full strength today. Its quite chilly but the heavy snowfall is on the hills rather than here at 70m asl. The builder's current estimate for completion is end March/mid April which gives us a guide for the next few months. So we will be back in the caravan mid-March. We'll also be available for housesitting!!!!!!!!!


Jane said...

I'm glad to hear that you all survived the gales - our neighbour's shed roof blew off and our airstream was hit by the girls' trampoline - as I tried to get back to sleep after pinning down the trampoline I was hoping that you were all safely battened down,

Debs said...

See the latest post! Thanks for your concern, it was horrible last night. Hope you didn't find any damage.