Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good weather = Good Progress

Afterwhat has seemed a long spell of dreich weather, the sun finally came out today and the slaters made significant progress on the roof, now about 75% slated. Inside the joiners completed the poythen vapour membrane work on the 1st floor such that we now have a near airtight house.

As I have mentioned before airtightness is an essential element in low energy housing; it allows the insulation to work properly, prevents draughts and ensures that ventilation can be properly controlled. The old adage 'insulate tight - ventilate right' has to be the watchword for the eco-selfbuilder, and if planned and implemented properly, will go a long way to achieving significant savings in energy even before considering renewable energy systems and high efficiency boilers.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve and Dinks,

Just looked at the blog for the first time now that we have phone and internet here in Toulouse. It all looks fab- will have to make time to read all the detail. Weather looks nice too!!