Friday, January 4, 2008

Shopping and snowmen

This morning we went to check out kitchens at John Lewis. There are quite a few elements of the build package we are responsible for supplying, kitchens and bathrooms being two of the more visually obvious but other things such as the ground source heat pump, pavatherm and internal flooring rest with us. This gives us more control over the final result although the whole design and build process is all consuming and full of decisions to be made. Being on site every day is cause and effect of that.
We are keen to have a bright red kitchen as the whole room is incredibly light and could easily take a strong colour. There are a few on the market but our current favourite is JL's colour collection in high gloss burgundy. We know their quality is good and that is the key to a good kitchen. We went to MFI the other day who had a nice looking kitchen too but the units and drawers wobbled as you opened and closed them, the fittings were plastic rather than metal so not sure they would have lasted terribly long.
This afternoon we made 3 snowmen before the blizzard took over.
The joiners were fixing the air/vapour membrane to the internal walls but headed home as the weather deteriorated.

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